Articles & Databases

A comprehensive collection of industry market research reports. [More about IBISWorld] 

ICPSR Database
The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) is the world's largest archive of computer readable social science data. [More about ICPSR Database] 

IDEAS: Research Papers in Economics (RePEc)
Links to working papers and published research related to economics issues and policy. [More about IDEAS: Research Papers in Economics (RePEc)] 

IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL)
Search IEEE publications. [More about IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL)] 

Illustrated London News Historical Archive
Historical content from the world's first illustrated weekly newspaper. [More about Illustrated London News Historical Archive] 

IMSLP: International Music Score Library Project
Provides access to public domain music scores. [More about IMSLP: International Music Score Library Project] 

Incunabula Short Title Catalogue (ISTC)
International database of 15th-century European printing created by the British Library with contributions from institutions worldwide. [More about Incunabula Short Title Catalogue (ISTC)] 

Informe Académico
Includes wide range of full-text Spanish- and Portuguese-language scholarly journals and magazines both from and about Latin America. [More about Informe Académico] 

InfoSci-Books from IGI Global
Search thousands of books at once. [More about InfoSci-Books from IGI Global ] 

InfoTrac Agriculture Collection
Includes more than 600 journal titles focused on agriculture-related fields. [More about InfoTrac Agriculture Collection] 

InfoTrac Business Economics & Theory Collection
Includes more than 1,800 full-text magazines and academic journals. [More about InfoTrac Business Economics & Theory Collection] 

InfoTrac Communications & Mass Media Collection
Includes more than 400 journals, which cover various communications topics, including advertising, public relations, linguistics, and literature. [More about InfoTrac Communications & Mass Media Collection] 

InfoTrac Criminal Justice Collection
Includes more than 250 journals on law and criminology. [More about InfoTrac Criminal Justice Collection] 

InfoTrac Culinary Arts Collection
Includes five million articles from more than 250 major cooking and nutrition magazines. [More about InfoTrac Culinary Arts Collection] 

InfoTrac Diversity Studies Collection
Includes more than 2.7 million articles from 150 journals. [More about InfoTrac Diversity Studies Collection] 

InfoTrac Environmental Issues & Policy Collection
Includes 5.4 million articles from more than 300 journals. [More about InfoTrac Environmental Issues & Policy Collection] 

InfoTrac Fine Arts & Music Collection
Includes 10.4 million articles and over 250 full-text journals in the areas of drama, music, art history, and filmmaking. [More about InfoTrac Fine Arts & Music Collection] 

InfoTrac Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture Collection
Includes 3.6 million articles from more than 100 journals. [More about InfoTrac Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture Collection ] 

InfoTrac Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection
Includes scholarly journals, magazines, and trade publications. [More about InfoTrac Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection ] 

InfoTrac Information Science & Library Issues Collection
Includes scholarly journals and trade publications on library science and managing and maintaining information and technology. [More about InfoTrac Information Science & Library Issues Collection] 

InfoTrac Newsstand
Includes more than 2,300 major U.S. regional, national, and local newspapers. [More about InfoTrac Newsstand] 

InfoTrac Nursing & Allied Health Collection
Includes over 10 million articles in nursing and allied health. [More about InfoTrac Nursing & Allied Health Collection] 

InfoTrac Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Collection
Includes academic journals and magazines in physical therapy, physical fitness, and sports medicine. [More about InfoTrac Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Collection] 

InfoTrac Pop Culture Collection
Includes popular magazine titles and scholarly journals analyzing popular culture. [More about InfoTrac Pop Culture Collection] 

InfoTrac Psychology Collection
Includes magazines and academic journals. [More about InfoTrac Psychology Collection] 

InfoTrac Religion & Philosophy Collection
Includes over 200 magazines and academic journals covering religion, philosophy, and anthropology. [More about InfoTrac Religion & Philosophy Collection] 

InfoTrac Small Business Collection
Includes over 500 full-text periodicals on business and entrepreneurship. [More about InfoTrac Small Business Collection] 

InfoTrac U.S. History Collection
Includes over 500 magazine and scholarly journal titles. [More about InfoTrac U.S. History Collection] 

InfoTrac Vocations & Careers Collection
Includes journals and magazines that aid users in researching a vocation, finding an appropriate institution of learning, job searching, and maintaining a career. [More about InfoTrac Vocations & Careers Collection ] 

InfoTrac War & Terrorism Collection
Includes over 1.7 million articles from over 200 full-text periodicals. [More about InfoTrac War & Terrorism Collection] 

InfoTrac World History Collection
Includes full-text academic journals and magazines. [More about InfoTrac World History Collection] 

Institute of Physics Journals (IOP)
Searchable full text of all IOP journals. [More about Institute of Physics Journals (IOP)] 

International Medieval Bibliography (IMB)
Indexes books, articles, book chapters, and other publications on the European Middle Ages, covering Europe, the Middle East and North Africa in the period 400-1500. [More about International Medieval Bibliography (IMB)] 
The Library's subscription to the IMB has been reinstated, thanks to the Tanner Endowment Fund.

International Nuclear Information System
Collection of information on peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology. [More about International Nuclear Information System] 

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a free, peer-reviewed, online reference guide. [More about Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy] 

IPA Source
IPA Source is the largest collection of literal translations and International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcriptions on the web, with 12,135 titles available. [More about IPA Source]